A friend dropped off a new eBay find and I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed for the price.

It's the MHS-5200a. Search for that on eBay and Amazon to find it from various manufacturers and resellers.

It's a ~$50 device that is a:

  • signal generator (function generator)
  • frequency counter
  • arbitrary waveform generator (ARB)

In the video I give it a look over, briefly check out the controls and functions, and then dive deeper into the ARB function.

Of course, it comes with a CD that I AM ABSOLUTELY NOT PUTTING IN MY COMPUTER. But I found on Github where a kind soul made a Bash/Awk script to load custom ARB waveforms. There is a small tweak necessary due to a manufacturing change, but it does work fine.

Check out the full video below. I know you'll want one too!